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Rarely do bookkeepers know and understand construction and contractor accounting, we do!

We specialize in construction and contractor accounting

How profitable was that job?

Job Costing

The benefit of evaluating a job specific profit and loss statement is invaluable. We take the guess work out of job costing. Know where and how you are profitable so you can do it again!

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Contractor accounting goes beyond bean counting

AIA Billing, Lien Waivers, and WIP

Outsource contractor specific task as we have assisted multi-million dollar businesses throughout the Wasatch Front. We understand the hoops contractors have to go through to be successful in Utah.


Who is Davis-Bacon?

Certified Payroll

Basic payroll regulations are hard enough to keep up without adding in certified payroll and prevailing wages. We can assist in submitting regular certified payroll reports to stay compliant.

Construction Engineer
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